Music for a Cause Club Holds Fundraiser


Photo Courtesy of Aditi Vikram

Gracie Tamez

On Mar. 5, the Music for a Cause club hosted a fundraiser for schools with underfunded music programs.

The fundraiser took place in the Upper School Lecture Hall and featured an array of Upper School students performing everything from Britney Spears to Charlie Puth.

Some of the performances featured a Taylor Swift performed acoustically by sophomores Aria Kutty and Sydney Chein, senior Sofia Vallis singing “This Town” by Niall Horan, and sophomore Cassie Rosa singing “See You Again” by Charlie Puth.

There was also a band performing “Chameleon”, “Me Voy”, and “Still Into You.”

Since the club is trying to recruit people, there are no auditions. The setlist for events is decided during club meetings, which are open to everyone.

Alongside performances, the club sold pizza to the audience to raise money; this was the “fundraiser” portion of it. By the end, the club raised $217 for the Texas Music Project, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and money for music programs in various high schools.

Aside from this fundraiser, the club has also performed at All Behaviors Considered, a school for kids on the autism spectrum.

“We know that everyone is incredibly busy right now, so we hope this is a nice break in everyone’s complicated schedules,” Music for a Cause club founder, Kutty, said.

She also hopes to use her club as an opportunity for students to gain confidence in performing.

“We want to provide performance opportunities for kids at Greenhill who may not be able to showcase their talents to their peers,” said Kutty. “Through performances like these, people can support their friends and we can spread joy through music around campus.”

As it is only the first year of the club’s existence, they have already gained much support.

“Next year we want to do more performances, including ones out on the quad. We also want to go directly to schools with underfunded music programs and teach kids about the joy of music,” said Kutty.