Middle School Performs “Places” in Studio Theater

Hayden Sampson

Twelve middle schoolers, a combination of seventh and eighth graders, will take the stage Tuesday, Dec. 14 in the Studio Theater.

The act will take place first thing in the morning, at 8 a.m.

The seventh and eighth graders have taken part in the “intro to acting” class the entire first semester. This act is the final part of the semester-long class.

The “intro to acting” class is designed to help young actors looking to take part at the high school level. Kelly McCain said, “a lot of them this is, this is the first time they’re going to be doing this kind of work.” No prior experience is needed to participate in this class.

The name “Places” comes from common acting terminology. Places is a term the stage director uses at the beginning of the play to get actors into position.

McCain tells us what to expect in “places” “duet scenes and monologues. So, all the kids perform in a duet scene with their scene partner that they chose, I have a bunch of different options for them.” Said McCain.

The play is limited to a small capacity, “we don’t want to overwhelm them,” said McCain. Parents and teachers are part of the “small capacity” entrance.

For first-time actors, the goal is to supply good experiences for them in the future without overwhelming them.

The Middle School still has a mask mandate, thus causing the actors to still must wear a mask. Wearing a mask is one of the obstacles the actors will overcome on Tuesday.

McCain said, “the actors must work twice as hard to project their voices through their masks and to the back row of the theatre.” During the actor’s duet scenes and monologues, the actors will still be required to wear a mask, thus making their job even more challenging.