Meagan Collier – Computer Science/Engineering

Aaron Kuang

As a little girl, Meagan Collier knew she wanted to change the world when she grew up.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to be growing up, but I knew I wanted to be one of the best at whatever it was I decided to do,” Collier said.

Now, Collier has brought that philosophy to Greenhill, where she is the new Lower School Computer Science/Engineering Teacher. She previously worked at Highland Park Independent School District as an Elementary Campus Instructional Technology specialist. She also taught first, third, and fifth-grade math and science.

Collier was born and raised in Dallas. She graduated from Lake Highlands High School

After high school, she went to the University of Oklahoma, where she was a cheerleader and earned her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.

After Collier finished her last class at Oklahoma, she skipped her own graduation and drove straight back to Dallas to start teaching first grade at White Rock Elementary. She finished her last college class on a Friday and started her teaching career the following Monday.

Collier stayed in the classroom at White Rock for a few years, teaching first grade, third grade, and fifth grade math and science.  While in the classroom, she obtained her Master’s in Educational Psychology and Technology.

The next stop in her teaching career was a position as elementary campus instructional technology teacher at Highland Park. Collier left Highland Park to assume her current role at Greenhill as a Preschool and Lower School Educational Technologist and Engineering Coordinator.

As the pandemic hit, Collier says her teaching environment changed. She had to make a lot of decisions about programs, resources, and expectations for students and her fellow teachers as well.

Collier says she had to deal with many questions about technology and how it should be used during the pandemic.

Over time, Collier says she has become a better teacher, becoming calmer and smarter.

“I have watched myself grow from a completely overwhelmed, fast-paced powerhouse to a slightly more calm version of that,” Collier said.

Her teaching plans for the future include enhancing the education system for both students and teachers.

“I am constantly creating, problem-solving, and collaborating to contribute to the ever-changing landscape that is 21st century teaching and learning,” Collier said.