Libby Arterburn – Preschool/Prekindergarten

Avery Lonergan

Libby Arterburn is a Prekindergarten teacher in her first year at Greenhill. 

“I am loving it,” Arterburn said. “I love the community.” 

Arterburn says she loves the environment and all the intentionality behind how teachers work at Greenhill. 

Before coming to Greenhill, Arterburn taught preschool students at Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Dallas. The preschool at Good Shepherd was separate from the rest of the school, she said. 

At Greenhill, she says she likes how Prekindergarten is “just as much important and part of the core of the school.”  

Arterburn says she heard about Greenhill through connections at her old school. 

“Looking at the description, I knew this is where I wanted to be,” Arterburn said. “This is a program that really spoke to me above everything else.” 

Arterburn says she loves teaching because it allows her to instill a love for school and good qualities in her students.  

Even though teaching Prekindergarten students is a big challenge, she says she loves it because the children are so sweet, and they are always so happy.  

“They just have moments when you are so proud of them,” Arterburn said.  

Arterburn says she has many teaching goals, including teaching her students compassion, empathy and other skills. 

“We want to teach them how to be human and how to interact with others, and how to build their confidence, their independence and their social skills,” Arterburn said.