Leaning Blue: What is Going Through Abbott’s Mind?

Helina Tedros

On Oct. 11, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning Texas businesses from mandating vaccines for their employees.

My first train of thought was, what? This mandate came shortly after President Biden’s executive order stated that larger businesses had to enforce vaccine mandates, or at the very least require regular testing to make sure their employees are negative.

Abbott had been facing pressure from Republicans to pass this order and finally caved. He has a past of politicizing the pandemic and now he has passed an order stating that no Texas business could mandate vaccines?

Abbott knows that in a court of law, federal law outweighs state law, so what would possess him to do this?

I think it is a power play. Elections for Texas governor are coming up, and his supporters largely politicize the pandemic. This politicization consists of basic health has been ignored in favor of political statements. This pandemic has become something that people argue against as if science is negotiable.

The fact that Abbott issued an order that will disrupt people’s lives, and encouraged unsafe unvaccinated environments is absurd. Why would he make it illegal for employers to prioritize safety?

Under his leadership, Texas was one of the first states to lift mask and other COVID-19 restrictions, so the fact that he put this ban in place should shock nobody. What is hypocritical is that he has publicly said that “private businesses do not need government running their business.”

One of my pet peeves when it comes to politicians is saying something only when it benefits them. This is something Abbott seems to do often.

If even private businesses are not allowed to do something as important as mandate vaccines, then what kind of future is Abbott looking forward to?

He is vaccinated and he has gotten COVID-19, he should know better. He had a subdued case of COVID-19 because of his vaccination status. This ban serves only to placate his supporters and showcases his tendencies to backtrack and change his mind when it benefits him.