Kindergarten Nutcracker Show Returns

Taylor Chon

After a year without having a live audience, Greenhill is now hosting the Nutcracker for Kindergarten students again. The performance will take place on Dec. 15 in Rose Hall.

“This is one of our most loved traditions,” said Head of School Lee Hark, “getting back into Rose Hall and performing has never been more exciting.”

He said that this production was one of those things that Greenhill absolutely tried to keep alive during the pandemic.

“[The production] just had to happen,” said Kindergarten music teacher Misty Quinn. “Although we’re not nearly there, wearing masks and keeping three-feet-apart is definitely one step closer to normalcy.”

“There is a generational aspect of it,” said Hark.

Freshman Will Johnson, who participated in the Nutcracker as a Kindergarten student, said he remembers the experience fondly.

“I just remember having a jolly old time!” said Quinn. “The magic is truly from the kids. For them, it’s the fact they get to play another person, dress up in costumes, dance in front of backdrops and things like that.”

There is “something about it that’s magical… maybe it’s the age of the students, but one way or another, it’s just one of those truly wonderful events that Greenhill hosts.”

As the 71st annual production, this Nutcracker production is even sentimental for the “…Greenhill alums who participated in this play.” It’s truly a unique experience to “watch their kids take part of the Nutcracker as they once did a while ago.”

“I just love seeing the amount of work and passion our Pre-K force has been putting into this play, and I just can’t wait to see how this turns out on December 15!” said Hark.