Katie and Lexie Stone Commit to Washington and Lee University

Allie Schnitzer

On July 3, seniors Katie Stone and Lexie Stone announced their commitment to play Division III volleyball and lacrosse at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia through their social media platforms.

The Stone twins have been members of the Greenhill Upper School varsity volleyball, basketball and lacrosse teams since their freshman year. By the end of their senior year, the twins will be 12 letter varsity athletes.

Additionally, the twins played club volleyball at Excel Volleyball Club and Madfrog Volleyball until their sophomore year. They currently play at the club level for Grit Lacrosse.

Preschool and Lower School Physical Education and Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach Tatiane Deibert has known the Stones since they entered Greenhill in Kindergarten.

“They know each other so well that they complement each other,” Deibert said. “Just because of the connection that they have with each other, they just bring something extra to the team that nobody else has.”

Katie Stone is known by her team for never taking no as an answer. She found her love of sports on the Greenhill campus.

In the third grade, Katie Stone started to play on her first volleyball team. Once she grew her skillset, she was able to join a club volleyball team. Although she has dedicated much of her life to volleyball and lacrosse, Katie Stone has taken up several other sports over the years, like basketball and golf.

Katie Stone has always been supported by mentors, specifically Deibert and Darryn Sandler, Upper School Math Department Chair and Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach. She said both have encouraged her to improve her skills in all sports that she is able to.

“Nowadays, people are making children pick between their sports,” she said. “I’ve been asked that so many times ‘what sport do you like better?’ and I honestly have no answer for them every single time.”

Katie Stone’s passion for sports and drive to improve goes beyond practice, as she is always thinking of how she can improve.

She believes it is important to follow through with your passions.

Like her sister, Lexie Stone has participated in many sports, including dance, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and golf.

The sisters have been the source of each other’s inspiration while playing their sports as well as off the court and field.

“Katie and I inspire each other to keep playing because we both are constantly trying to get better together,” Lexie Stone said.

Although they admire one another, both said their biggest collegiate role model is Dallas native Charlotte North, a graduate from The Episcopal School of Dallas who plays lacrosse at Boston College.

“She’s kind of changing the game, making it a more aggressive [and] dynamic sport,” Lexie Stone said.

Deibert said that although the pair are very different on and off the volleyball court, they are both similar in their competitive spirit. She has known them for the entirety of their time at Greenhill, totaling 13 years.

“Watching them mature as the years progressed has been wonderful,” Deibert said.

The Stones have consistently shown their dedication to the sport throughout their time on Greenhill teams.

“I think they’re all in there, your type of players that, you know, they push themselves to do something, they give everything that they have; that’s what they have given me since the day that they entered the program,” said Deibert.

The Stone twins have always been there to support one another throughout their sports journey.

“A lot of people walk into tryouts alone, I’ve never once had to do that in my entire life; I’ve always been supported by someone else,” Lexie Stone said.