Juniors Spread Love for Kinesiology

Aman Jaleel and Milyon Esayas

Greenhill’s Kinesiology Club seeks to provide an environment where students can learn about health and physical movement.

Kinesiology is the study of movement and how it can impact a person’s health.

Led by juniors Chris Dimas and Gabriel Rudelman and sponsored by Director of Sports Performance Jessen Houston, the Kinesiology Club consists of around 60 members from a variety of grades.

“We want to help us, and our participants reach peak performance in whatever venture they may choose athletically,” Dimas said.

As of now, the club will take place twice a month during community time in the High-Performance Center but can vary throughout the year.

The club is for people who are athletes, want to learn more about the body, or currently participate in the Foundation of Fitness.

The Foundations of Fitness Class helps students engage in activities that will educate them about healthy lifestyles.

“It’s a supplement to our foundations class,” Houston said. “Our athletes get a lot of information through our conversations.”

In Foundation of Fitness, students learn how to build a healthy lifestyle, workout routines and nutritional diet.

The Kinesiology Club also helps athletes learn about injury prevention and rehabilitation.

“One of the main reasons that I was interested in being a leader of the club is because I wanted to know how the human body works and how my muscles work,” Rudelman said.

Houston says he aims to help Dimas and Rudelman educate kids who are interested in kinesiology.

“Any time the kids have an interest in getting better, it’s our mission to assist them,” Houston said.

Dimas, Rudelman and Houston have been preparing to help students learn and hope more people will join the club.

“I encourage any student who has any interest in kinesiology to sign up for the club,” Rudelman said.