Halloween Parade in the Age of COVID-19


Photo by Kati Gibson

Seniors Jessica Herlitz, Olivia Kim, Elizabeth Simpson, and Dulany Bloom dressed up as One Direction for the senior parade.

Jothi Gupta

In the era of COVID-19 much has changed in the way of campus activities. The Homecoming Dance, in-person school for many, pep rallies and numerous other activities have not been able to take place. Despite this, the Halloween Parade with many precautions in place was able to happen for the seniors.

The Halloween Parade normally includes the band, seniors, lower schoolers, and preschoolers decked out in costumes. The parade moves around campus with parents in tow while the remaining students and faculty watch along the parade route.

This year was different.

The parade only featured seniors walking primarily around the high school. Upper school advisories were asked to stand in designated areas around the high school to distance.


While it was a parade like no other, the changes were necessary to follow COVID-19 protocols. Although these changes were numerous, senior Jessica Herlitz says she was happy that the parade still happened.

“It was fun to walk around campus with my friends and see my teachers. I am glad we were able to have the parade,” said Herlitz.