Greenhill Youth and Government Visits Austin

Milyon Esayas

Greenhill’s Youth and Government Club took a trip to Austin from Mar 2 to Mar 10. They traveled to the state capital to participate in mock legislative sessions, mock trials and photojournalistic media.

Upper School history teacher and adult sponsor of the club Ron Frankland said he is glad that students get to learn and experience government in action in this fashion.

“Youth and Government is a program for high school students that provides an immersive experience in the democratic process,” Frankland said. “It gives students an opportunity to practice, compete and be involved with our government in action.”

Students can compete on either the district or state level and can choose whom they represent such as the legislative branch, judicial branch or media.

State of affairs is another branch members can represent, where they formulate solutions to current events. They also compete in statewide competitions. However, the club is planning to expand to this branch next year.

“They get to form friendships and memories with students across the state and even across the country,” Frankland said.

This past trip to Austin, Texas for the Youth and Government State Conference was the first trip the group took this year. The Greenhill Youth and Government Delegation won the Premier Delegation Award, and seniors Azal Amer and Shreeya Madhavanur received the Legislative Committee Distinguished Delegate Award. Madhavanur also won the Outstanding Club Leader Award.

Senior Ian Bock received the Outstanding Written Bill and Senate Distinguished Delegate Awards and senior Teja Mettu won the Photojournalism Distinguished Delegate Award.

“They got the chance to empower their voices and continue to get involved in how government works,” Frankland said.

Madhavanur was the only student in the club that went to state during her freshman year and joined the Episcopal School of Dallas’ Delegation. However, she has witnessed the state team grow to 13 members.

“It’s awesome to look back at all the efforts that leadership has made to get more people to join and qualify and improve as a team pay off,” Madhavanur said.