Greenhill Welcomes New Athletic Trainer

Allie Schnitzer

Athletic Trainer Aliki Pappas began her first year on the hill as an addition to the athletic training staff following the departure of athletic trainer Matt Blimline.

A Dallas native, Pappas attended The Covenant School, where she was an avid high school sports athlete.

“I played volleyball, basketball, tennis and I threw shotput and discus – but mostly discus,” said Pappas. “I would come [to Greenhill] twice a week in high school to practice my throwing.”

When she suffered a sports related injury, Pappas found her love of sports medicine.

“I didn’t really know what athletic training was, but I knew I wanted to work in sports,” said Pappas. “With my injury, I found sports medicine, and that’s kind of how I found athletic training as a major.”

Aside from sports, Pappas has always valued her education, as Pappas hopes to additionally help students with their academics.

Although she joined the Greenhill community in mid-September, Pappas has already shared positive experiences with students.

“My favorite part has been all the people that I’ve met; [they] have been amazing and super helpful, really nice.”

Pappas is joined by fellow athletic trainer Kasey Zibton who has been a part of Greenhill since 2017.

“[Zibton] has been very patient with all the questions, and she’s such a good leader [and] instructor,” said Pappas. “She’s given me many tips and tricks so that has been great.”

Pappas adds that she feels a sense of joy in her field of work and wants to create connections with these athletes so she can support them

“I love being an athletic trainer because you see athletes at their worst, really bummed out, and you get to help them through their whole recovery process; then you see them run back onto the field,” Pappas said. “They’re super excited and they feel like they’ve accomplished so much and being a part of that is really special.”