Greenhill Tracks to Compete at Texas Relays

Noah Piper

Greenhill is sending 13 athletes to Texas Relays on April 1st. Texas relays is a yearly track event involving the top track athletes from Texas from select high schools and colleges. Greenhill has been involved in this event in the past years and looks forward to competing this year.

Greenhill is competing in the Boys and Girls 4×100, the Boys and Girls 4×400 and the Boys 100. The Boys 4×100 will be run by seniors Jaden Watt and Aaron Johnson, junior Jack Bovard and sophomore and Alex Sharma, with the alternates being sophomores Andrew Puplumpu and Laird Burke, and senior Ali Medhi. The Girls 4×100 will be run by sophomore Lyna Kamgang, freshman Nia Harrison and seniors Celina Prieur and Leah Smith with the alternates being sophomore Jenna Travers and senior Kaylee Wilson.

The Boys 4×400 will be run by Johnson, Sharma, Watt and Bovard with the alternates being Burke, Puplampu and Medhi. The Girls 4×400 will be run by Harrison, Wilson, Travers and Prieur, with the alternates being Smith and Kamgang. There is only one participant in the Boys 100m which is Senior Jaden Watt.

“It’s great to have those opportunities to get out there and to compete against the best schools. There are schools that come from outside of Texas to compete as well,” Head Track and Field Coach Stacey Johnson said. “Throughout the years we have had some teams make the finals and it’s just great to know that you are one of the top schools in your division.”

Bovard explains the importance of team bonding during the trip, but also the emphasis on when they need to focus on competing and performing.

“It’s more of an enjoyable trip that we get to spend time together, and when it comes time to compete, we shift gears into a focus and lock in to compete,” said Bovard.

“It’s a large opportunity for me. When you’re in a high school position, you don’t really go to such large events. Usually, it’s just a local meet for SPC,” said Bovard. “So just to compete at a different level it’s just new and different and unique.”

The athletes competing explained what it means to represent Greenhill on such a big stage and how much it means to represent their school on their backs to them.

“I think it’s important just to get the name out there, and I think it really brings us together as a team because it can be nerve-wracking to be at UT in Mike Meyers stadium,” said Smith. “It’s really big and there’s a lot of people there and a lot of stuff going on, so I think it helps to bond as a team since you are all going through the same thing together.”

“It means a lot to represent Greenhill and compete in front of thousands of people and national television,” said Watt. “I am excited for the competition and I am proud of how hard our team is working.”