Greenhill Students Earn Recognition at TMEA Region 20 Orchestra

Christan Park and Evie Kwei

The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Regional 20 Orchestras consists of a select group of talented musicians from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex who perform as an ensemble later this year. There are three sections of orchestras: High School Honors, Philharmonic and Middle School Concert.

The Mukund brothers, students at Greenhill and passionate violinists, placed fifth and sixth chair in the TMEA Region 20 Orchestra Auditions. Instructed by their parents, they both began to learn violin at the tender age of three.

Though they had no choice at the age of three, senior Pranav Mukund, explained that he continued to play the violin as “[he] liked what [he] could accomplish and create with the violin.”

Freshman Varun Mukund also shared that even after 11 years of playing the violin, “[he] loves making music and learning more, so that is what motivates [him] to practice.”

For this year’s TMEA Region 20 Auditions, Pranav and Varun Mukund used this opportunity to practice and help each other prepare.

“At some point, I did feel like we are competing with each other…but we were able to help each other along the way, by providing criticism and feedback,” said Pranav Mukund.

Although both brothers are extremely gifted, neither Pranav nor Varun Mukund believes they will major in or study music in college. They both anticipate playing in a college orchestra or playing as a side gig, however.

Both have successfully auditioned for past TMEA opportunities, but this is their first time playing together in a TMEA orchestra.

“Since he is leaving for college next year, I am very happy that I am able to share this experience with him,” said Varun Mukund.

They will assemble with top-string musicians from other Dallas, Highland Park and Richardson schools for three days of rehearsal culminating in a performance at Booker T. Washington High School on Dec. 4. Along with Pranav and Varun Mukund, many other Greenhill Students were placed for these orchestras.


Congratulations to the following students:

HS Honors Orchestra – grades 9-12 eligible

Pranav Mukund – First Violin, 5th chair (raw rank of 7)

Varun Mukund – First Violin, 6th chair (raw rank of 8)

Charlotte Purcell – Second Violin, 15th chair (raw rank of 35)

Jacob Liang – Second Violin, 18th chair (raw rank of 38)

Vijay Agrawal – Second Violin, 20th chair (raw rank of 40)

Aaron Johnson – Cello, 5th chair

Henderson Zhang – Cello, 9th chair

Jackson Zhang – Cello, 14th chair


Philharmonic Orchestra – grades 8-10 eligible

Myra Puri – Concertmaster (raw rank of 1)

Amani Shetty – Principal Second Violin (raw rank of 5)

Ava Mao – Viola, 2nd chair

Justin Wu – Viola, 7th chair

Asha Blewett – String Bass, 3rd chair


MS Concert Orchestra – grades 6-8 eligible

Smriti Siva – Second Violin, 2nd chair (raw rank of 6)

Ian Wu – Second Violin, 8th chair (raw rank of 28)

Ariyan Mishna – raw rank of 56

Aashna Saxena – Viola, 2nd chair

Benji Lachar – Cello, 5th chair

Soraya Sachdeva – Cello, 16th chair