Greenhill Relays Track Meet is Canceled Due to Weather

Mateo Lanzillotta

The 2022 Greenhill Relays, an annual event held at Greenhill School, have been canceled due to weather-related reasons.

Greenhill Relays has historically been one of the only races that everyone is allowed to compete in, regardless of speed.

“It really wasn’t that cold,” said Senior Track and Field Captain Mia Ness. “People should be able to run in any weather.”

Ness has experienced many Greenhill Relays and was disappointed to not be able to run in her last year at Greenhill.

“It would have been super fun to run it because of the home-field advantage,” said Senior Track and Field Captain Ravi Ingle. “It’s nice to have the fans.”

Many freshmen were disappointed since they were not able to compete in their first Greenhill Relays.

“I was pretty disappointed,” said freshman Alex Sharma. “My friends who are freshmen and I were pretty excited to run in our first Greenhill Relays.”

Despite this minor setback, the Greenhill Track Team will continue on to achieve great things this season.