Greenhill Improv to Host 2nd Show of the Year

Noah Piper

The Greenhill Improv Troupe will host its second performance, Nov 2. The first performance of the year was held before auditions, and this performance will include all the new cast members.

Greenhill Legend and former Improv Coach Henry Paolissi retired after the 2021-22 school year and was replaced by Greg Mahalik, who is the current Improv Coach.

The performance was initially supposed to be on Oct 27 but was pushed back to Nov 2 after school was shut down for two days due to a virus that contained flu-like symptoms infecting a significant amount of the school.

Despite their setbacks, the improv troupe is prepared, practicing at least twice a week. Their preparation gives improvers the chance to work on their craft and communicate with one another.

“We work on different aspects of improv: character, emotion, platform, physicality, or whatever we need to put together a well-balanced show,” senior Improv member Nolan Crowder said.

The team lost several key seniors last year, but even with the loss of six vital members, the improv team thrives with several new additions.

“I’m looking forward to making a strong showing that proves Greenhill Improv is still excelling even with many new changes,” Crowder said.

Since this is their first performance after auditions, the Improv team has spent time integrating new members into their group.

“For our new friends (newbies), we are actively integrating them into the existing dynamic and teaching them the basics of what improv looks like this year,” Crowder said.

Junior leader Quinn Graves believes that this Improv team will be a very entertaining and funny group.

“I am extremely excited to introduce the newbies to everyone,” Graves said. “We’ve got a great lineup and a close team forming already, so I’m happy that we get to showcase them so early.”