Greenhill Holds First Major Admissions Event of the School Year

Kaden Alibhai

The Greenhill Admissions Office is holding an event tonight, on October 13. The event is to preview Pre-School and Lower School to families considering applying their kids to Greenhill.

The event will run much differently than any other event the admissions office has done before.  Instead of leading small groups of people around all evening long, they will have students placed all over campus, to help direct the guests on where to go.

This preview, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. will be an Open House with breakout sessions for the guests, and prospective families to choose what they truly want to see and hear about.

This is one of the two major events of the year, with the other one being the Middle and Upper School preview that will take place later in the year. As it stands right now, the admissions office is expecting close to 500 guests for the event.

The Hill Guides, Greenhill students who have volunteered to tour prospective families, are required to attend, meaning that there will be around 150 students helping run the event.