Greenhill Goes Global 2023


Photo by Chloe Nguyen

Eitan Hahn

On Friday, Apr. 28, Greenhill hosted the annual Greenhill Goes Global event in Cox Gym. The event allows students to set up booths representing their culture and share traditions with their peers.

Parents and students are invited to volunteer and set up a booth representing their culture, heritage and experiences with the other students.

“What I love about the event is that it really is a celebration of all the different places that have helped shape who our community is and what everyone brings to our community,” Upper School Latin teacher Jennifer Jarnagin said.

The theme of the event was global cuisines, as booths emphasized their country’s respective ethnic foods in their presentation. Some booths also served traditional foods to students. These foods included chicken karahi, one of the most popular curry dishes from Pakistan, and Turkish delight, a family of confections made from a gel of starch and sugar from Turkey.

“The Turkish delight allowed me to try food that I’ve never tried yet. I felt like I was able to immerse myself in different culture’s cuisines,” sophomore Will Johnson said.

Jarnagin ran the United States booth at the event and said that she wanted to celebrate the various foods around the U.S., specifically the cuisine of her home state, Louisiana.

“I thought that it would be a cool chance to talk to kids about where the foods we eat come from and how different cultures have contributed to what we consider ‘American food,’” Jarnagin said.

She also believes the annual event strengthens the Greenhill community and gives students perspective about the world.

“I am grateful that I am at a place that understands the importance of culture and gives families the opportunity to learn about it,” Jarnagin said.