Greenhill Community Hosts Old School Spirit Greenhill Annual Fundraising Gala

Ella Sadka

The Old School Spirit Greenhill Annual Fundraising Gala was hosted on Saturday, Mar. 4.

The gala promoted the Growing Stronger Together campaign, which is supposed to aid STEM, Innovation and Athletics.

The Gala Chairs were Maggie Zamanian, Lindsay Freedman and Courtney Goldberg.  They transformed the Phillips Family Athletic Center into a venue that was aimed to play off high school nostalgia.

Bidding for various auction items was available both live and online.

“We rallied an amazing Auction Committee & everyone helped gather donations, experiences, vacations and more to raise money for our school.” Zamanian said.

Goldberg says soliciting auction items and solidifying underwriters are the beginning steps of the planning process.

The theme, “Old School Spirit”, was an idea thought up by Head of School Lee Hark, and intense planning starts in December and continues until the gala.

“Together, this team worked tirelessly to build an enriching and spirited event for the community,” said Goldberg.

The gala featured a live band, a raffle and an auction.

“From conceptualizing the event, to selecting the menu, to editing auction item descriptions, every detail is thought through and considered,” Goldberg said.

The gala’s main goal is to fundraise money from parents involved in the Greenhill community. Altogether, the school raised over $950,000.

“The event’s success truly depends on the engagement of our community,” Goldberg said.