Greenhill Black Student Union Commemorates Black History Month

Hanlon Shedd

February marks Black History Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the achievements of Black people. Greenhill’s Black Student Union has 42 student members, including faculty sponsors. The Greenhill BSU provides a space and a community for Black students.

The BSU is planning on having three events this month to celebrate Black History Month. On Feb. 2, the BSU gave a presentation during community time about the influence Black people have had on America and how to celebrate those accomplishments.

“We had a presentation at the beginning of the month during community time to talk about celebrating Black culture, we also have a community service event coming up, and then we’re going to have a potluck lunch towards the end of the month,” said senior Johrdyn Tarpeh, a BSU board member.

While Greenhill acknowledges Black History Month, Tarpeh said she would like to be able to do more than just a presentation.

“Presentations can get repetitive, boring, and old, plus people don’t listen after a certain amount of time, so I do wish that sometimes there were some more engaging things that Greenhill would do to promote BSU and other minority organizations,” Tarpeh said.

Tarpeh is not the only board member who feels this way.

Sophomore BSU board member Angela Kamgang talked about how there is a lack of involvement in BSU meetings by Greenhill’s administration.

“I wish that the Greenhill administration was more involved in the BSU,” said Kamgang.

“It would be great if they came to our meetings and talked through different programming ideas with us or maybe integrated teaching about Black culture in classes during Black history month,” Tarpeh said.