Greenhill Band Brings Back Jazz Night

Hayden Sampson

Greenhill Band’s Jazz Night returns on Thursday, March 4, for the first time since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The anticipated return is set for 6:30 PM, located in Rose Hall.

Jazz Night is quite different from the regular band concert; it is composed of two different groups. The student-led jazz combo consists of four to five students and the Greenhill Jazz Band is a larger group consisting of 15 students.

The instruments are also shifted from traditional instruments to trumpets, trombones, saxophones and more.

The student-led Jazz Combo is led by two seniors. The smaller group highlights the performers as individuals more, while the larger jazz band works as more of a team effort, with five saxophones, five trumpets and five trombones.

Kaden Nathani is the senior that will lead the jazz combo band and is vital to the program’s success.

With this being the last concert of the year, Donell will recognize the seniors performing, as this will be their last concert.

Middle and Upper School Band Director Brian Donell best described the uniqueness of the concert in simple terms.

“It’s just jazz,” Donell said.