Greenhill Athletics Starts Construction of Golf Simulator


Photo by Eitan Hahn

The golf simulators will be up and running in the next couple of weeks for the golf players to use.

Noah Piper

The Greenhill Golf Program has begun the construction of new golf simulators on the Greenhill campus. Located near the tennis courts, the new simulators will help the Greenhill Golf Teams excel and help golfers practice their skills.

The simulators will be done close to March and will be used by both the middle school and upper school golf programs. The new golf simulators will mainly be used by the middle school golf teams because, with their schedule, it is more difficult to travel to a golf course either before or after school. The

“I think we will see huge growth in the golf program over the next three years because we have the seventh graders, who, once they are juniors, have four or five years of experience with the simulators,” said golf coach Thom Flinders.

There will be four state-of-the-art simulators that will especially help golfers focus on their swings, as they will show information about the golfer’s club speed, ball speed, and ball launch angle.

“We have the track masters and simulators coming in, so we can analyze the swings and can get really in-depth with their swings,” Flinders said.

The simulators are focused on the technique of the players, yet even with that help, Coach Flinders still recognizes the importance of the mental game on the course.

“There is a whole another level of golf that is the mental game, which you can only really practice by hitting bad shots on the course,” said Flinders. “And learning how to recover from those shots.”

For both of the teams, the simulators will help them prepare for the upcoming season. The Greenhill boys team finished sixth in Southwest Preparatory Conference last year, with the Girls finishing tenth, but the simulators will only improve athletes for this year.

“The boys team will be good, and the girls team is growing,” said Flinders. “So, we have a lot of girls that are playing, and we are excited to have them… The boys team has a strong program; we have a lot of kids that have been playing for a long time. They are ready to go for this year.”

The simulators have brought interest into the program and inspired athletes who were not involved in golf already to become a part of the team.

“It is my first year in golf this year, and the simulators made me want to join,” said sophomore Gigi Melucci. “I can’t wait to use the simulators and think it will really improve my game.”