Greenhill Announces A Return to Campus in September


Photo by Jothi Gupta

These classrooms in the Lower School often have bookshelves and other furniture, but in order to make room for distanced desks the furniture has been moved out and plexiglass has been put on the desks.

Emma Light, News Editor

Last Friday, Head of School, Lee Hark, announced that students who chose to return to campus for in-person instruction will return as early as Sept. 11. Sept. 8 will be used as an orientation day for in-person learners.

This comes after the decision Dallas County health officials made back in July to keep both public and private schools closed until Sept. 8.

On Sept. 11, Founders’ Day, the campus will be open only for the senior class. Seniors who have chosen to do on-campus learning will come to campus for the day and participate in classes, as well as traditional first day activities, such as the senior breakfast.

“Even though this year is different having campus to ourselves one day to have the traditions I have been so excited for is really special,” said senior Lucy Sayah.

Starting Monday, Sept. 14, the first group of hybrid students, last names A-L, will come to come to campus for the week while students M-Z work remotely. The next week on campus learners A-L will go back to being remote while students M-Z come to campus for in-person instruction.

“I am excited to go back to school but it will be interesting to see how teachers adjust to only half the students being in class,” said senior Kate Marano.

Students and their families will have the option at the end of every one-month cycle to reevaluate and decide if they will continue hybrid learning or return to one hundred percent remote learning.

Unlike Upper School, Lower and Middle School students are both returning in person on Sept. 14 with all students in one group.