Grades 7-12 Cancel School for Outbreak of “Flu-like Illness”

Andrew Mann

In response to a large percentage of the student body being out with a flu-like illness, Greenhill has canceled classes for seventh grade through 12th grade on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28.

An email from Head of School Lee Hark, states that Dallas Country Health and Human Services provided guidance and advised that the school shut down part of the middle and the entire upper school.

Pre-kindergarten through sixth grade will continue classes on their regular schedules, yet Greenhill administration continues to stress the importance of staying home if a student is exhibiting symptoms.

Athletic games will still be played over the two days of no school if students do not experience any flu-like symptoms, but all after school practices will be canceled.

Hark cited in his email how difficult it was to learn and teach with so many students absent from the classroom, as reasoning for the closure.

“Closing school for these students will help reduce the spread of infection, and it will allow students who are ill time to rest and recover,” Hark wrote. “In addition, closing will allow our faculty to preserve the academic experience for all of our students.”