Girls Soccer Practices Commence

Preseason practices for Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer kicked off on Oct. 25. Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Laura Flanagan anticipates practices looking more like normal and went on to say,

“We are not going to have to be as distanced maybe as we had been in the past,” said Flanagan. “I mean these girls can obviously take off their masks now while they’re training. We don’t have to worry about standing necessarily six feet apart outside.”

Coach Flanagan has high expectations for this season. She anticipates finishing with an even better record of last year’s season (3-3) which was cut short to only six games due to covid.

“We’ll have a trip to Austin planned with the varsity team, so that will be great. It looks like we’ll probably have anywhere from 14 to 18 games for the varsity team, and eight to 12 games with the JV team.”

Flanagan voiced how she sees the team playing with one another and the overall chemistry among all the players.

“It’s hard to gauge exactly what your team chemistry will be like, but I do know that I like our chances of having a really unified group,” she said. “Simply because of our senior leadership, our junior leadership, and they’re all just super excited, and when you bring excitement out to the playing field, good things will happen.”

Through the pre-season, and now going into the regular season the girls soccer teams are hoping for a successful season.