Freshman Sadie Beck Dives into a new Sport

Gracie Tamez

Freshman Sadie Beck joined the Greenhill swim team this winter season as the only diver representing the school, while also doing winter cheer.

Beck grew up doing elite level cheerleading which led to the development of her tumbling skills, and her addition to the swim team.

She says that a friend on the swim team reached out to her and said that their head coach, Patti Monzingo, told the team to be on the lookout for someone that could join the team as a diver.

In order for the Greenhill swim team to qualify for the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC), they need a diver to represent the school. So, Beck’s recruitment benefits not only herself, but the entirety of the swim team.

Beck says that when her friend first approached her about diving, she felt hesitant to commit to being a diver, as she is already doing winter cheer as a winter sport.

“I like doing two winter sports, but it does get hard to manage the pressure of both of them,” Beck said.

Greenhill’s campus lacks the necessary equipment for diving, which requires Beck to practice at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas. She says she gets up at 6 am and drives to Jesuit for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning practices.

Coach Sierra Thain, the Jesuit diving coach, has been working with Beck on training. Additionally, Thain was hired as a Greenhill adjunct coach specifically to train Beck with her diving skills.

Although she does not mind traveling to an off-campus location for the sport, she does find it awkward to be the only member on the diving team, she said.

Beck had her first diving meet on Jan. 20, three months after diving for the first time. She competed in a field of 13 girls, against the Hockaday School and Ursuline Academy of Dallas, and placed third.

“I never thought I would be doing diving as a high school sport, but I am really happy I chose to do it.” Beck said. “I do hope that in the future, more people will join the team.”