Upper School Counselor Amanda Frederick Announces New Incident Report Forms

Helina Tedros

On Monday, Feb. 1, Upper School Counselor Amanda Frederick formally announced the introduction of new Incident Report Forms.

The idea for the Incident Report Forms originated in the 2020-2021 Student Council Advocacy Committee, which focuses on representing student interests to school administration.

Kaylee Chien (Class of 2021), Sheena Kwon (Class of 2021), Senior Jasmine Najari and Junior Chancey Stefanos were the students on the committee who came up with the idea.

The purpose of the Incident Report Forms is to provide a way for students to express their concerns about their peers or their own, well-being. This resource is different from others in the past because it does not involve disciplinary action.

“The Incident Report form is an easy and safe way to advocate for themselves and seek further help if they wish,” Stefanos said.

The questions on the form ask for basic background information and then ask the person submitting it for details about and the severity of the problem. If the student has proof of the incident, they are also asked to submit it. The answers to this form go directly to Frederick.

The point of these forms is for students to feel more comfortable in reaching out to somebody else if they don’t want to begin the conversation in person.

“I hope most students feel comfortable coming to talk to me, but, truthfully, not everyone necessarily, will,” Frederick said. “I’m hoping it just makes it easier for us to help each other.”