First Grade Pet Show


Mila Nguyen , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Last Friday, Greenhill’s first graders celebrated the annual First Grade Pet Show on the Meadow. Each student had the opportunity to bring in pets of all kinds and present about their furry friends.

Friends and family gathered to watch the first graders practice their public speaking and share information about their pets.

Senior Morgan Hurst reminisced about her experience with the First Grade Pet Show. The class of 2020 had their Pet Show in second grade instead of First Grade but still kept with the tradition.

“I remember being so excited to bring in my dog,” said Morgan. “One of my classmate’s dogs somehow opened a birdcage, which was really funny.”

Junior Campbell Barton also looked back at his experience with the long-lived tradition. Campbell brought his dog, Harley.

“That was one of my favorite days,” said Campbell. “I was really nervous to present but it was so fun to see all the different pets. My friend brought a miniature pony.”

The First grade Pet show is an exciting day for all first-graders and gives them the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones.