New Faculty Profile: Jenn Jarnagin


Photo By Nora Ahearn

Jenn Jarnagin teaching her E block Latin class.

Jacquelyn Dishman

New to Greenhill in the Modern and Classical Language department, Jenn Jarnagin has completed her first semester at Greenhill as an Upper School Latin Teacher.

Jarnigan currently teaches Latin 2, Latin 4, and Advanced Latin Literature. During graduate school at Indiana University, she had a scholarship which required her to teach one semester of Latin 100 or Latin 200 in which she taught college students.

“I realized that was my favorite part of grad school, and that’s when I realized teaching was the area I wanted to be in,” said Jarnagin.

She majored in English in college due to her love for writing, and she took Latin in high school as well as two semesters in college. This is what led her to be a Latin teacher.

“It felt like a community I wanted to be a part of, so that’s when I switched to Latin,” said Jarnagin.

Greenhill’s core values are compassion, excellence, integrity and courage, and Jarnagin feels that her time at Greenhill so far has very well reflected these values as best as she imagined.

“[Greenhill] is a good place to be because everyone chooses to make it that way,” Jarnagin said.

As with all Greenhill faculty recruits, Jarnagin’s hiring was a collective process.

Jason Gajderowicz, Head of Upper School Modern and Classical Language Department, says he was impressed with what he saw regarding Jarnagin’s teaching philosophy.

“I felt like her views on community and inclusion aligned with Greenhill’s principals,” said Gajderowicz.

While at Greenhill, Jarnagin has made additions to the curriculum when it comes to Latin literature and introduced new Latin scriptures to add to the learning experience.

“She adjusts to what we want as students and is a great teacher overall,” said senior Helen Jackson.

Heading into the second semester, Jarnagin has enjoyed her experience in the Upper School so far.

“Little things like coming to class, making eye contact, a nod, a smile, all those things add up to make this place really special,” said Jarnagin.