Southeast Asian and East Asian Affinity Groups Celebrate Lunar New Year

Kaden Alibhai

Greenhill celebrated the Lunar New Year on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

The event marked the beginning of the new year of the lunisolar calendar.

Although it is commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, the holiday is celebrated in countries across Asia. Hundreds of millions of people in countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea observe the holiday.

The Southeast East Asian Affinity Group  and East Asian Affinity Group  put out Asian snacks in front of the Upper School to give a peek into what the celebrations would look like.

They also put decorations of dragons and lanterns in the Upper School North building.

“Lunar New Year is a time where East Asian students can show the rest of the school our cultures,” said Kendall Hashimoto, a member of the East Asian Affinity Group. “I always like it because we can show the school what we celebrate.”