Chris Williams: Leading the Pack of Greenhill Cross Country

Noah Piper

Sophomore Chris Williams has been running since he was seven years old. New to Greenhill last year, Williams was immediately a standout member of the Boy’s Cross Country Team.

Williams had a very successful first season at Greenhill, culminating at the Southwest Preparatory Conference championship, which was an unexpected experience.

“It was way different than what I am used to,” Williams said. “I really like it here and think we have a great team.”

In preparation for this year’s performance, Williams devoted much of his summer to training.

“During the summer, I ran a lot,” he said. “I was probably averaging 45-to-50-mile weeks. Doing anything to help the team out.”

Looking forward to this year and the upcoming season, Williams has set many goals for the cross-country team to achieve.

“I do not think we are going to take it all the way this year. My goal is making all SPC at the very least… I think we have more depth, but we lost some of our best runners,” Williams said.

Williams’ favorite event in both cross country and track and field is the mile, which he ran a 4:27 minute mile at SPC. Additionally, he hopes to help the team in any way he can, including mentoring the incoming freshman since he is no longer the youngest on the team.

“It’s very different being a sophomore and having people younger than you. We try to help the freshman how we can,” Williams said.

With two more years on the team, Williams has great opportunity for growth and achievement with the Greenhill cross country.

“Next year, I see us as contenders to win SPC, and again senior year, I see us as contenders to win. That’s the plan, to win SPC Junior and Senior year,” Williams said.