Campus Briefs – Oct. 21

William Maher and Devin Bracy

Decorate Pods – The theme for homecoming is Greenhill Music Festival, and all the pods have been  decorated as different genres of music. The English pod was Rock and Roll themed, the History Pod was country music themed, the Math Pod was pop themed, the Language Pod was foreign artist themed, the Elliot Center was hip-hop themed and the Science Village was electronic dance music themed. 


Dress up Days – Homecoming week included festive dress up days for each day of the week. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Decades Day, Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday and Thursday was Dress Up las your Favorite Music Artist Day. Friday was Homecoming, so everyone wore Green and Gold and supported Greenhill’s sports teams. 


Color Wars – Color wars are competitions played between grade levels, with a team from each grade. On Monday, there was a Lip Sync Challenge with seniors Drake Muller and Jaden Watt winning the competition. They lip-synced to “Yes Indeed” by Drake and Lil Baby. On Tuesday, the competition was Name that Tune. Each grade level had two representatives, and the goal of the competition was to guess a song from the first couple of seconds of listening to it. Juniors Kyra Crawford and Ethan Strauss won the Name That Tune Competition. On Thursday, the competition was numerous games of Tug-of-War played between the grade levels. The competition concluded with the senior’s victory.


Turnabout – The Turnabout Games consisted of a volleyball game and a football game. Only seniors and juniors are eligible to play the games. The senior boys played the junior boys in a beach volleyball game, but students that are on the Boys Volleyball team are ineligible to play and can only coach their grade’s respective team. Senior girls played the junior girls in a flag football game. The annual games finished with a tie between the grades with the juniors snagging the volleyball victory 2 sets to 1, and the seniors obliterating the juniors 28-7 in football.


Homecoming Dance – The Homecoming Dance was at the Renaissance Dallas North Hotel on Saturday, October 22. It lasted from 9-11:30. Greenhill organized a freshman dinner before the dance.