Star Debater Cameron Kettles ’22 Visits White House

Noah Piper

Cameron Kettles ’22 traveled to Washington, D.C.,  this past summer as part of the USA Debate Team coached by Upper School Debate Teacher Aaron Timmons.

As an Upper School student over the past four years, Kettles represented Greenhill at the highest level of debate.

“Overall, she did very well,” Timmons said. “She was a member of the final five, and there were several thousand people entered.”

Kettle’s commitment to debate made her a standout contender.

“She had been doing it [debate] since 7th, and because of those years or repetition and practice, she became very skilled,” Timmons said.

In addition to competing for Team USA, the team was able to get a tour of the White House.

“We were able to explore the West Wing as well, where you get to see the outside of the situation room and the press briefing room,” Timmons said. “That was super cool.”

Being selected for the USA Debate team is a rigorous process, with many steps and levels of elimination. Kettles was selected by her coach and then wrote a short essay applying. As the final level of elimination, the best 12 were selected out of a group of over 20 students

The team ended up getting 9 overall and 2 in the Western Hemisphere, as they lost to Bangladesh in the octofinal

As far as the future of the Greenhill debate team, Timmons remains optimistic about this upcoming year.

“Some people say we are in a rebuilding year, but I prefer not to rebuild, I prefer to reload,” Timmons said.