Broken Backstop Continues to Affect Greenhill Baseball

Kate Peterson and Alfred Hoak

The baseball backstop collapsed due to severe weather damage following storms in February.

A backstop is typically a chain fence with a top that hangs over home plate to prevent foul balls from going into the crowd and hitting people.

The main part that collapsed was the top that hangs over, leaving fans unprotected. This has prevented games from being played at home.

“Ice got on [the backstop] and it got heavy. Then the snow came, and it collapsed,” said Director of Facility Operations and Services Mike Willis.

Without the backstop, the baseball team is using the turtle, a makeshift backstop that has not been used for many years, during practice. However, it cannot be used during games because the catcher is unable to throw the ball to first and third base. It also keeps a runner from sliding home. Additionally, the catcher cannot catch foul balls because the ball will hit the top of it.

“We hope to get it up in the next couple of weeks,” said Willis. “If we get some good weather because we had rain that slowed us down.”

Construction has begun on the new backdrop. However, Varsity Baseball Head Coach Troy Haugen is unsure if the backstop will be up before the season ends.

Without the backstop, the baseball team cannot play any games at Greenhill. The team had to play their Hornet Night at the neighboring school, Parish. Despite the new location, the team was still able to have numerous fans at the game.

The backdrop is still out of commission, and the baseball team is still unable to play games at home and must find a new venue for each home game.

“It will hopefully be up by the end of the season. If not, then it will be finished over the summer,” said Haugen.