Break Basketball League Boosts Spirits Among Sophomores


Photo by Aman Jaleel

Hayden Sampson

Greenhill sophomore students have made a simple game such as basketball a way to bring their grade together and grow connections with their peers.

The league started last year in their freshman year, but many of the sophomores are enthusiastic that the tradition is back.

“I am very excited to play in our group break basketball league since it’s a nice break from the stress of school, and I can play some games with my close friends,” sophomore Mason Didlake said.

Each team has five players, ranging from varsity boys basketball starters to others who have never taken basketball seriously.

In addition to just ten players playing on the court, each team is accompanied by a coach, a scorekeeper and fans.

Each year the league starts with the highly anticipated draft. The captains this year were sophomores Bryson Watt and Juan Barrientos.

According to participants, there is a lot of tension between teams, and each game is incredibly competitive.

“The games are very intense, but in the end, it’s all in good spirit,” sophomore Will Johnson said.

Watt enjoys the competition that will come from the other captain and the opposing team.

“It’s a good rivalry, but at some point, there has to be a winner,” he said.

The season is a seven-game series and is currently tied up three games apiece. Game seven will take place Tuesday, May 16, which is during the last week of school.

The winning team will receive a trophy and medals, but most importantly to many of the players, they will receive bragging rights.

For the members of the class of 2025, this is more than just a game. It is about bringing the community together,

“I love watching the Break Basketball League,” sophomore Gigi Melucci said. “I think it brings joy to our whole grade when we can go watch friendly competition during break. The league is super fun to watch, and I think it has certainly brought our grade closer together.”