Boys Varsity Golf Fields Young Talent

Benjamin Weinstein

The Greenhill boys varsity golf team is full of excitement this year as they prepare to showcase their rising young talent for the first time.

The team includes two seniors, three sophomores and two freshmen.

According to Head Coach of Varsity Golf, Tom Flinders, this is the most young talent he has seen in his three years of coaching. This team is primed for success, with the starting lineup potentially comprising up to five underclassman students.

“Our success can be attributed to our hard work and dedication,” freshman Grant Colocousis said.

The athletes have been practicing together since middle school at Brookhaven country club, taking group lessons and practicing on the courses and driving ranges.

Two teammates, Colocousis and freshman Adam Strauss, have known each other since seventh grade and consistently push each other to improve.

“Grant and I have a competitive friendship and push each other to improve, as neither of us wants to be the inferior golfer,” said Strauss.

The friendship between Colocousis, sophomore Hayden Sampson and sophomore Eitan Hahn is also evident as they consistently practice together.

“We go to Grant’s house and play at his putting simulator,” said Hahn. “Each time we go there, we strive to be better. Even going during the snowstorm, as we knew, we must improve our abilities even when the conditions are tough.”

According to Sampson, the team does not just practice at Colocousis’ house; they bond and create relationships there. They enjoy Chick-fil-A and hang out together during their practice time. They feel this bonding will also help them play together with more chemistry as a team.

Sampson has bonded well with Colocousis, driving him to Brookhaven Country Club to ensure he is always practicing.

“Hayden consistently pushes me to improve and teaches me the ropes,” says Colocousis.

With all this practice, the team has one goal in mind: to win an Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) title. Strauss and Colocousis have agreed on a motto, “SPC or nothing”.

They believe that with the team’s immense talent this year, winning an SPC title is within reach.

Flinders shares their optimism, saying, “we should go very far in SPC this year.”

The last time Greenhill won SPC for golf was in 2000, so the team is eager to bring home a victory.

“We want to make history and win SPC for the first time in over 20 years,” said Colocousis.