Battle of the Homecoming Themes


Emma Rikalo

The potential themes for the 2021 Greenhill Homecoming were unveiled Wednesday morning (Sept. 1) during community time, with Greenhill students now faced with a difficult choice between themes: Disney, Vegas, or Hollywood. Hollywood, championed by senior Will McDonald, promised camera-ready decorations like red carpets and classroom pods inspired by movie genres (including kid-friendly options for the freshmen). Senior Jasmine Najari presented ‘The Happiest Homecoming on Earth,’ with proposals including Disney-themed activities like trivia, karaoke, and a Disney dress-up day. Bringing higher stakes to the competition, juniors Kate Osborn and Celina Prieur spoke about the possibilities for a Vegas Hoco, including card games and recreations of Las Vegas landmarks. The winning theme will be announced on Sept. 2, once all the votes have come in.