Band Prepares for Annual Winter Concert

Hanlon Shedd

On Tuesday Jan. 24 The Greenhill Band will be having its annual winter concert. This has been a Greenhill tradition since 1990.

All three Greenhill bands will be performing tonight. That encompasses the Upper School band with 31 students, the 7th and 8th grade band with 30 students and the 6th grade band with 60 students.

In past years, the band has had to adjust due to the pandemic. Practices had to be outside in order for students to be able to play while being properly spaced out. And performances and competitions were cancelled.

“The pandemic years were terrible for everyone, band included, but we’re back to our pre-pandemic normal, which is wonderful for the students,” Middle and Upper School Band Director Brian Donnell said.

The band has several performances throughout the year including the winter concert, Jazz Night, Percussion Ensemble, The ISAS Arts Festival and more.  They also compete in many different competitions: all region auditions, solo contests, ensemble contests and drumline contest.

“Band is a musical art form, so performing is when we showcase our talents and work as a group,” said Donnell.

The practices leading up to these performances look different from day to day class in order to prepare the band for these events. Additionally, the band practices in Rose Hall in order to get used to the change in lighting and sound before the performance.

“Similar to sports, a typical class rehearsal will be filled with drills about fundamentals and techniques, where as our concert day rehearsals are like run-throughs and dress rehearsals,” said Donnell.