Angela Snyder – Second Grade

Declan Kirk

Teaching wasn’t Angela Snyder’s first profession.

Now a Carter Associate Teacher working with second grade students in the Lower School, Snyder previously worked at a garden nursery and served as an associate youth church minister. She says she enjoys gardening outside of school and has maintained a garden of her own for three years.

Snyder came to Greenhill this year after hearing about the school from a friend. She started out as a substitute teacher in the Upper School. She says she used the opportunity to observe students and learn what it is like to teach.

This year she has her own class in the Lower School.

Snyder says she wants to teach students about the joy of learning. She wants her students to focus, and she is trying to make the most of her time with each subject to best teach her students.

Teaching “was built into me,” Snyder said. “Some of us are wired that way and I think I’m one of those people.”

Snyder says she realized she wanted to teach because she likes to work with the next generation. She views recess duty as an opportunity to interact with students and bond with them.

Head of Lower School Michael Simpson says he liked the fact that Snyder was a substitute teacher and familiar with the school.

“Ms. Snyder used to sub for us in the high school and was very reliable,” Simpson said.

Simpson says he also liked her previous teaching experience with ministry groups. He says he thinks that Snyder will be a great fit at Greenhill and he is excited to see her future with the school pan out.

Snyder says she is determined to succeed in teaching her students the importance of learning and respect for themselves and others.

“I want my students to have the joy of learning,” Snyder said.