Affinity Groups Reflect on 2021


Southeast Asian Affinity Group

The Southeast Asian Affinity Group was created to support students and the greater Greenhill community after students saw a void in the representation of Asian American voices within the established affinity groups. The AAPI community is vast in culture, language, and geographical locations. Bringing attention to that while creating a space to interact with those who unconditionally understand certain aspects of our upbringing is incredibly important to us as an affinity group. 

With the events of this year, it has been ever more important to do so. With the rise in Asian American hate and violence, raising awareness for our cultural community’s struggles has not only been rewarding, but informative. Learning Asian American history, which has not been integrated into our curriculum nor lives, to educate those around us has opened our eyes to just how much of our own history has been left out of our textbooks and news feeds.

Greenhill has a long way to go in supporting their students holistically, but the panel discussions that have begun and hopefully will continue are certainly steps in the right direction. No matter what rounds the news is making and what students speak during the panel discussions, the Southeast Asian Affinity Group will continue to support students in any way we can and assist in educating the greater Greenhill community.


Latinx Student Union

The Latinx Student Union stands in solidarity with the many communities of color represented on campus. Together we strive to be an anti-racist and inclusive Greenhill community. The events that transpired over the past year have served to amplify the staggering injustices that continue to plague our community today. Identifying as Latinx means we must not be afraid to actively confront the legacy of slavery, anti-blackness, and Machismo rooted in our history. LSU will continue to advocate and take measures towards systemic change, as well as remain an ally for any communities of color and LGBTQ+ people on campus. Stop Asian Hate. Love is Love. Black Lives Matter.


Black Student Union

Amid a pandemic, the Black Student Union has stood firmly by the idea of fostering unity among Greenhill’s very own Black students. We opened this school year with a Juneteenth letter, and a quote that should stick with all still stands, “We will no longer be complicit in anti-Black, racist, and offensive actions in our community.” As a Black Student Union, we will stand for one and stand for all.

It is important to note that we cannot facilitate change without discomfort, discourse, and breaking bubbles that have been placed on us. The comfort of one’s bubble can feel safe and sheltered, but we must remember that to truly be inclusive, we have to be willing to step outside our bubble and be ready to listen and learn from one another’s experiences. Use our voices, express your feelings, facilitate change, and move forward as an inclusive community.

The Black Student Union and the adjacent Executive Board for the Black Student Union have several years to come. We are incredibly excited to facilitate change, unify as many Black students as we can and foster the growth of our very own Greenhill Students.