Advice for Underclassmen

Josie Arbuckle and Andrew Mann

Our first few years of high school were a blur, leaving us with the surreal realization that we are now an upperclassman. As we reflect on our first years at Greenhill, there are multiple pieces of advice we wish we knew.

Firstly, and we know everyone says this, but everything in high school moves extremely fast. Not necessarily the classes, but the overall year, and before you know it, you’ll already be in April. Really savor every moment and make memories that you will treasure forever.

Next, play sports or do some activity that gets you genuinely excited. Gathering with a group of people of similar interests enables you to forge some of the best and most unexpected friendships. Additionally, working at an activity that you love provides a positive outlet for any school-induced stress or anxiety.

Make sure you are managing your time appropriately. In my experience, if you want to do something, no matter how busy your schedule may seem, it is absolutely possible. You most definitely can do it all if you really want to and are willing to take the required steps to get there.

Unless you are in an AP course, I would not recommend taking a break unless you just want time to relax. As someone who took breaks as both a freshman and sophomore, it is unnecessary to, and instead of taking a break, you could use that time slot to try something different, like a new elective.

When new to high school, do not be afraid to branch out or try something new. It might seem like a scary or foreign world, but if you are interested in a class, then take it, regardless of if your friends are taking it. I promise that you will have at least one person to talk to, and you’ll make many more during the class

High schoolers talk and communicate with their teachers. While it might seem frightening to email a teacher, just do it. Teachers are more than willing to help and will take the time to meet with you. If you do not send the email, then your confusion will only continue to build up, leading to more questions down the road.

Lastly, you want to stay ahead and on top of your schoolwork during high school. We’re past the Covid-19 and post corona hangover, so teachers are now giving less grace than you might’ve experienced in middle school. Finish most of the homework on time and don’t procrastinate on big projects and tests, and you’re on the right path to striving in the upper school.

While it might seem like there are a lot of rules, most of these are easy to follow. But while in high school, don’t forget to have fun. You only get four years, so smile a little because you will be a senior before you know it. We hope you follow our rules and have a great time in high school!