Aditi Vikram: Making an Impact in Her First Year on the Hill

William Maher

This year is freshman Aditi Vikram’s first year at Greenhill. In a new school, she has already made All-State Band, a selective group of the best high school band players in Texas, and attended the Texas Forensic Association’s State Tournament for debate.

For Vikram, the adjustment from her old school, Coppell Middle School North, to Greenhill has been “easy because everyone at Greenhill has been very welcoming and friendly.”

In comparison to Coppell’s band, Vikram has described Greenhill Band as a closer-knit group.

“As an elementary schooler, I saw all my older brother’s friends playing their instruments and I was inspired to sign up for band because it sounded fun,” Vikram said. “It would give me an opportunity to express my creativity through my music.”

Band was not an option for elementary schoolers, but Vikram later began playing the Clarinet for the Coppell Middle School North Band.

“The clarinet stood out to me because it had a beautiful tone and my fingers fit perfectly into the keys,” Vikram said.

In February, Vikram attended All-State Band in San Antonio, TX.

“I was elated because I did not expect to get in,” Vikram said. “I went into the audition with the expectation that I was just practicing for next year and having fun, so it was definitely a huge surprise to me when I saw my name on the list.”

“She was deliberate with setting goals,” said Band Director Brian Donell said. “She worked consistently for months leading up to the auditions.”

In addition to her achievements in band, Vikram also attended the TFA state tournament for debate in Corpus Christi, TX.

Vikram’s history teacher introduced her to debate in 6th grade. To her, it sounded similar to Model United Nations, which she also began that year.

“It seemed interesting to debate about world issues and learn more about current issues,” Vikram said.