A Hollywood-Themed Upper School


Photo by Ravi Vasan

Students draw and paint homecoming decorations together on Sunday.

Hanlon Shedd

Starting Sept. 12, the Student Council collaborated with volunteers to create Homecoming Week decorations. For three consecutive Sunday, working from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Upper School students planned and created decorations.

Students were in charge of assigning the Elliott Center, Student Center, locker rooms and each departmental pod a theme.

Due to this year’s Homecoming theme of “Hollywood,” each pod was decorated to match a genre of film.

The language pod was the Wild West; the math pod was covered in science fiction movie references from “Star Wars” to the “Ghostbusters” series; the History pod was “The History of Hollywood” with drawings of different classic film posters and the English pod was Disney-themed.

The Elliott Center was turned into a movie theater, and a Hollywood sign currently resides in the Student Center. The senior and junior locker room is “behind the scenes,” and freshmen and sophomore locker rooms are extensions of the English and History departmental themes.

While in years past Greenhill Homecoming was during mid-to-late October, this year the game is on Oct. 1 and the dance is the next day. This scheduling change has caused Student Council to have less time to complete Homecoming decorations.

“We were on a major time crunch this year, as well as having to adhere to COVID restrictions with the amount of time we had,” says Student Council Junior Class President Madison Rojas.

Most of the decorators were members of the Student Council, but there were also many volunteers that contributed to the decorations.

“I was very grateful to all the people, especially those who were not on Student Council, who showed up to help make the amazing decorations we now have around the Upper School,” said Rojas. “I was not in Student Council my freshman year, so I do not know what would be considered ‘a lot’ of people, but we definitely had more than I was anticipating.”