Honors Photography Students Showcase Work in Competitions


Photo By Hayden Sampson

Sophomore Aaron Stein’s photography work displayed in the Fine Arts Building.

William Maher

Greenhill Upper Schoolers will have their photographs submitted to the Black and White Images Exhibition at The Fort Worth Country Day School.

The deadline was last week and the exhibition will be open from Jan. 20 – Feb. 4 at Fort Worth Country Day. In addition, students will have photos shown tomorrow, Jan. 19, at the Blue Print Gallery.

The Black and White Images Exhibition is open to any Upper School Photography students, including students from Photography I to Honors Photography. Black and White has a wide range of options.

“Black and white can be any kind of dark room manipulation,” said Middle and Upper School Photography Instructor Frank Lopez.

The Black and White Images Exhibition contains five categories including experimental, landscape/cityscape, architecture, still life, and portraiture.

Black and White is “purely a contest, that happens to exhibit [the students’] artwork,” Lopez said.

The exhibition is very selective as sixty Greenhill students were submitted for the exhibition and only seventeen were accepted.

The second exhibition is the Blue Print Gallery. This is the first year that Greenhill Photography has participated, however 2D art has been taking part in previous years. As far as photography classes, it is only open to Honors Photography students.

Lopez described Blue Print as a “celebration of artwork”.

Even though it is more relaxed and more of an exhibition focus than the Black and White contest, there are still prizes to be given out to the winners.

According to Lopez, “it is more of an exhibition; however, there will be prizes given in scholarships.”

The award ceremony is Jan. 19 from 6-8 pm.

Lopez views contests as an opportunity for students to grow. Lopez tells students to get work ready for submissions, as he believes it allows students to understand what they can work on.

“This competition is very important for the students and for the program,” Lopez said.

In his opinion, it allows others to understand the kind of work Greenhill does, and the things Greenhill teaches and values.

Lopez’s view remains as a subjective art form and is judged by a third party. He says that because of this students should understand that they are not going to win everything. Lopez still believes putting work out there to be judged is a good thing.

“If you are not getting rejected, you are not putting your work out there,” Lopez said.

Junior Rajan Gaitonde, an honors photography student, is participating in both the Black and White exhibition and the Blue Print gallery. He took all of his photos at the abstract experimental photography camp.

“I’m proud I tried something new, and that it was successful,” Gaitonde said.