3rd Graders Make Their Mark

Selling handmade necklaces to raise money for donation to Meals on Wheels

Jothi Gupta

Third graders are raising money for the Meals on Wheels Pet Food Program by selling handmade necklaces.

The third-graders raised $1,743.12 from their sale to donate.

Before their sale, third-grade classes went to Meals on Wheels Pet Food Program, to package food. They were able to see where the money would go before they had their own drive last week.

The necklaces were made out of washers with scrapbook paper. The string was tied through the middle of the washers.

Each third-grade class advertised their drive to different grades. Lower Schoolers were invited to come as well as all contracted employees. Each necklace was $2.

This is the first year the third grade has done this. The drive was so successful that by the second day they ran out of necklaces and had to make more before continuing the sale for the rest of the week.

Photo by Spencer Jacobs
Photo by Spencer Jacobs