Upper School Students Selected for Boards


Last year, Upper Schoolers led by the Community Service Board volunteered at the Perot Museum.

Kaylee Wilson and Emily Quinn

Thirty-five Upper School students have been selected to serve on three boards during the 2020-2021 academic year, Director of Service Learning and Community Service Angela Woodson has announced.

The Arts Board will be comprised of the following members: seniors Ava Markhovsky, Kelly Meng and Coryell Smith;  juniors Will McDonald, Josh Rubel and Alexandra Starr;  sophomores Izabell Faber and Chancey Stefanos; and freshmen Abeera Amer and Shreya Ram.

The Athletics Board members are: seniors Kristal Crockett-Rodgers, Kati Gibson, Davis Gutow and Zoe Purdy; juniors Ryan Fiedelman, Claudia Hurst and Mia Ness; sophomores Luke Brodsky, Drew Muller, Gabriel Rudelman and Katie Stone; and freshman Emma Hoffman.

The Community Service Board members are: seniors Melis Evlioglu, Jung Min Yean; juniors Krutin Devesh, Travis Mann and Hallie Sternblitz; sophomores Lian Hahn, Isabel Martinez, Celina Prieur, Campbell Scheer and Nikitha Thoduguli; and freshmen Reyna Diamond, Jane Bailey Feinstein and Angela Kamgang.

The Community Service Board had its first meeting on Nov. 9.

“It was well-attended, and we brainstormed about the goals and objectives we wanted to accomplish for the remainder of the school year,” Woodson said.

Goals for the year were discussed in the meeting, Woodson said.

“We want to create an extensive list of virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities that Upper School students can participate in over Thanksgiving and winter holiday breaks,” Woodson said.

Under current pandemic restrictions, students have encountered more difficulties finding volunteer activities.

“We just wanted to help students get past their community service requirements, but also exceed that and help around in the Dallas community,” said Yean, a returning member of the Community Service Board.

The board has come up with many different service options over the years.

“Last year we planned a Perot Museum event where students went and volunteered there for a day,” Yean said.

The board is primarily student-led when it comes to brainstorming ideas for service opportunities. Students of different grades bring their ideas and collaborate with one another to come up with service options, Yean said.

“Everyone’s role is just as important,” said Yean.