Seniors Start Fundraising for Class Gift


Photo by Derian Herrmann

Derian Herrmann

Seniors have started to put creative twists on basic senior gift fundraising projects.

They have added a spin to the annual “Challenge Jars” by having four jars set outside of the lecture hall during the week of Apr. 3 with each jar having its own individual challenge. Whichever jar had the most money by the end of the week did the challenge that had been set on the jar.

Seniors selected four different challenges and students could put dollar bills into the jars for points or coins to subtract points.

The first jar stated that Upper School math teacher Darryn Sandler would have to sing a song during Community time. The second challenge stated that Upper School teachers Stephanie Almanza, Amanda Bresie, Sandler and Monsie Muñoz will have to run, walk and bike a total of 23 miles. The third challenge would include two Upper School teachers, Andrew Mercurio and Almanza, wearing Dallas Mavericks jerseys for a day. The fourth and final challenge would have senior class president and vice president Gabriel Rudelman and Jaden Watt doing a daily weather report on the Greenhill Seniors Instagram.

The first jar ended up winning, meaning Sandler will have to sing a song in the near future.

The seniors have also done a bakesale to try and raise money for their senior gift. Seniors joined together to sell donuts, Bundt cakes and some homemade goods. They also had Kosher treats for people in the Jewish Community.

In total, these two fundraisers were able to raise over $800. The money will all go toward the Class of 2023’s senior gift, which is meant as a legacy from the class to the school.

“We’re not too sure what we are going to give the school yet, but with the amount of money we’re making, I’m sure we’ll be able to buy something that will be huge, and leave our mark on Greenhill forever,” Rudelman said.

Seniors had one last fundraising event planned for Apr. 21. An array of senior students volunteered to wash cars for Greenhill students, faculty and parents. It took place during conferences at Greenhill right outside the Marshall Performing Arts Center and lasted four hours.

“We’re working really hard to receive these donations. A lot of these people washing cars and baking cookies for the bakesale have been going to Greenhill since Kindergarten, and they all really want to make an impact on the school they love,” senior Chancey Stefanos said.

As senior fundraising comes to a close, they are bound to give Greenhill a gift to be remembered for years to come.