Profile: Alexandria (Allie) Chase: MS Debate

Zoe Kyle

Alexandria (Allie) Chase has been coaching debate for several years, primarily at the college level but also at the high school level.

She knew about the Greenhill program through her work in debate. She was considering transitioning to high school coaching fulltime and was exploring the Greenhill website when she saw a job posting by Director of Debate Aaron Timmons.

“I happened to see Mr. Timmons’ post about hiring for debate coaches,” Chase said. “I love that Greenhill is so committed to critical thinking and an intensive, thoughtful approach to education.”

When she was looking into the Greenhill program, Chase says that a lot of great things about the school stood out to her.

“I worked at the University of Pittsburgh before this and so my time was split three ways: teaching, coaching, and research,” Chase said. “I was starting to feel that I couldn’t give enough time to my teaching and coaching that I wanted to, so I took some time to reflect on teaching, and how it brings me joy. I wanted to focus most of my energy and time on just teaching instead of all of those things at once.”

Chase says she hopes to have an impact on the lives of her students.

“My teaching goals in terms of my students is that I want to be the best teacher and mentor [during] their time at school,” Chase said. “I want to immerse myself in teaching practices and allow myself to learn from all of my students and all the amazing teachers here.”