My First Time Voting


Photo from Lola Frenkel.

Having turned 18 last November, I was very excited to be able to vote in the Democratic Primaries.

I went with my parents to vote early and my experience was super interesting. I brought my I.D. and voter registration card and got in line. The line took about 30 minutes to get through, but I was so excited I barely noticed the time pass. When it was my turn, I handed my I.D. to the volunteer and she asked me if I was a first-time voter.

“Yes!” I responded.

She then raised her voice and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a first-time voter!” and everyone cheered.

It was the best feeling! I stepped up to the open voting machine, inserted my ticket and began the process. Voting for the presidential candidate was what I was most anticipating, and I can say I’m very confident in my decision. After I finished, I took my ticket and put it in the box. Then, I got an “I Voted Today!” sticker (probably the best part of the whole experience). My father and I proceeded to take many selfies with our stickers showing.

Although you are no longer allowed to vote in the primaries, I strongly encourage all eligible voters to register and be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election. I learned that each vote matters, even though at times it seems like they may not. Use the privilege of being able to vote to be a part of this democracy, because it feels pretty good.