Greenhill Hosts St. Mark’s Homecoming Football Game


Wreckage at St. Marks. Photo by WFAA 8 News.

A tornado that left more than $2 billion in damage in Dallas and caused school closures resulted in Greenhill hosting the St. Mark’s School of Texas Homecoming football game Friday night.

St. Mark’s sustained severe damage from one of nine tornadoes that struck the Dallas area. St. Mark’s is less than a quarter-mile from the southeast corner of the Preston-Royal shopping center, which was demolished by the tornado. Multiple buildings on the St. Mark’s campus suffered severe damage, and the Hicks basketball gym was destroyed.

Due to the destruction at St. Mark’s, Greenhill offered to host the rival school’s Homecoming football game Friday night. The game will feature the Greenhill vs St. Mark’s rivalry on Greenhill’s home turf. Greenhill fans will still sit on the west side of the field, while St. Mark’s will be on the east side. The press box will have St. Mark’s staff, along with their public announcer. St. Mark’s will host their usual homecoming festivities on Brinkman Field. The field will be painted with blue and gold, St. Mark’s colors.

Greenhill is anticipating a packed house Friday night with hundreds of students and family.