A Look Back on Homecoming Week

With Homecoming reaching its conclusion, it is time to reflect upon the thing that made this yearly tradition memorable: its theme. This year, the theme was Greenhill Galaxy, where the Upper School transforms with space-themed decorations and spirit.

Each year, the Homecoming theme is decided from a large list of candidates that the student council creates. This year, the list was whittled down to three main contenders: Greenhill Galaxy, Greenhill Safari, and the Greenhill Magic Kingdom.

By student body vote, Greenhill Galaxy beat the other two and became this year’s homecoming theme. Parts of the Upper School adopted aspects of space: the NASA Command Center for the Elliot Center, Alien Abduction for the Science Building and space films for the English Pod.

The vote meant that more students would be more engaged in the homecoming process as they got to pick the theme of their choice.

“I think that what I like about it was that we presented to the student body, we had three options out there and had to student body vote, and this is the one that had the majority of the vote,” said Jack Oros, Upper School Dean of Students, “Student council was very thoughtful coming up with ideas for things to do in each of the different pods and I think this was executed well.”

The space theme has also had a positive reception with some of the student body, for being a subject with depth and detail.

“I like how Greenhill included patches of lesser-known aspects of space and space exploration like Skylab 1 and the Apollo Soyuz mission,” said Junior Uday Narayanan, President of the Astronomy Club, “I’m a big fan of different themes of space for different locations at school.”

Because of the multitude of unique and memorable events that happen throughout the school year, Homecoming Week and its theme reside with other events such as Greenhill Goes Global, Friday on the Hill and Grandparents and Special Friends Day in being some of Greenhill’s main traditions.

“To me, Homecoming has always just been another week in the school year,” said Senior Michael Rayburn.

Past Homecoming themes have been Greenhill Olympics, IGreenhill, and the Wizarding World of Greenhill.